About Us

Pamela Groberman Media & Public Relations Inc. has achieved a fulfilling 18-year career of consulting, project development and media relations with an interesting dynamic client base.

Our clients, from major corporate entities with recognized brands to small community companies and organizations constantly presented us with unique challenges and opportunities to reveal them and their stories and challenges globally.

A fast moving world requires us all to refresh ourselves and demands changes and “directions new” and so we are embarking along that path…stay tuned!

To all who have worked with us over the years, thank you for being a part of this great journey to date.

In the meantime, we’re not far from you and any needs, we’ll be here for you.



Pamela Groberman Media & Public Relations Inc. is a boutique-sized corporate communications firm providing its clients with public relations, media relations and strategic communications services. As a small firm, PGMPR has eliminated the layers of junior staff between principals and clients. With a broad range of skills and experience, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring all your PR needs are met.

Pamela Groberman, President

Pamela Groberman

Pamela Groberman, President of Pamela Groberman Media and Public Relations Inc., is a seasoned media consultant with over 15 years of experience in product development, community and government relations, research, marketing strategy, sales management and promotions. Her professional career in marketing and publicity began in 1992 with Gastown Post and Rainmaker, a film postproduction house. In 1994, she moved into real estate marketing with a staff position at Trilogy Properties–and within two years became its marketing director and a member of the senior executive team. As director, she was responsible for marketing and sales of several major projects, in hotel & resort development including Opus Hotel, The Westin Grand Hotel Vancouver and numerous hotels in Whistler, BC. Pamela worked on pre-development projects in Toronto, Calgary and Heavenly Valley, California. After leaving Trilogy in 1999, Pamela started her own consulting business with the goal of providing her clients with strategic planning and implementation services to support product marketing and reputation management. Since Pamela Groberman Media & Public Relations Inc.'s inception, Pamela has worked with a diverse array of clients including real estate and retail companies, hospitality businesses and non-profit organizations.

Pamela's mantra is to always think outside the box, and she has an amazing talent for keeping things smart, edgy and fun. A love of creating new and unparalleled events, paired with the challenge and desire to exceed the goals and expectations of her clients has become a signature. Pamela Groberman Media & Public Relations Inc. also believes in giving back to the community, providing hours and hours of support in the form of event planning, sponsorship acquisition, and earned media coverage to pro-bono clients such as Builders Without Borders, Compassionate Eye Foundation and Aboriginal Mother Centre Society.